Brouchures and Puplished Papers

While the concepts are simple the execution may be complex, We can help!
Training classes availible on Mutiple Control Systems using our vast experiance in the feild
Regular Checkups can prevent unplanned Outages
From evaluating the existing system through project completion we can secure a successful project by paying attention to all details
Whether trouble shooting or regular servicing we can help either over the phone or on site!
Offline testing helps the unit connect to the grid quickly. Online testing ensures the unit behaves, it's not only a good idea, it's a regulation.
When selecting control systems it is important to balance needs and wants with maintainability, safty and operability.
While large scale power outages remain a serious concern, steps can be taken to ensure the large grid can be brought back up as quickly as possible using a stabilized smaller system.
A method to ensure existing hydroelectric generation will provide optimal automatic dynamic control focusing on frequency transients on the grids.
Replacing complex mechanical systems with simple digital solutions to improve canel flow.